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deviation in storage by Aeolus06


"The Prince!"

Voices rang out and the metal plating of armor clanged. The guards saw the sight of the severely

injured Prince, held in the arms of the taller and more fiery heir to Kasairona, who had also looked

none the better.

"Get the healers!"

"Alert Their Majesties!"

Rough hands quickly took the Prince from her grasp; one look at the blood on his robes, and on the

Flame Prince, and Rowan was immediately apprehended.

"Wh-what is this?! I saved him!" She tried to pull away, but she was being held back by four

guards. "Evan! Tell them!!"

He was finding it hard to breathe, to hear...

But his eyes could only faintly see Rowan being apprehended, firm harsh words firing off at Rowan,

even with Iliya acting as his crutch the moment he was dragged away.

They were trying to separate themselves from her. He struggled to stand on his own two feet, his

eyes on his guards, desperate to find the words to stop his own people from hurting his flame.

"UN... HAND... HER!!"

He ordered loudly and prominently, seemingly using his firm royal authority for once. He looked

like a mess right now, especially with some blood seeping from his mouth. As if he could collapse on

his own. "...You will NOT hurt my future Bride." He seethed deeply, even as his body quivered wearily.

"W-we were attacked, th-the BOTH of US... So please... t-tend to her... as w-well..."

The sight of Evan unable to stand under his own power made Rowan loose a small blast of heat

surrounding her, scattering the guards that attempted to detain her. "You'd be wise to not touch an

elemental, unless you intend to kill her." She threatened before running over to Evan, putting an arm

behind his back and picking him up once again in a cradling hold, a gentle heat eminating from her


"Old bag." Rowan insulted the attendant without a second thought, her eyes very serious. "Where in

this blasted place can I--"

"Take him to the barracks, in the infirmary. Time is of the essence."

Iliya led her down to the medicus, where she laid Evan atop a stone table with a thin cloth


"Is he going to be alright?" Rowan asked with wide eyes.

"Whatever you've done to cease his bleeding, it's holding well." Iliya nodded, looking back to her

charge, who had fallen unconscious before being carted away to the medicus. "Hmph--and they say flames

can never be used to heal. Cauterization may not be pretty, but I can't deny it does its job. But at

the least, our people will heal whatever minor wounds he's got left while he rests."

She gleaned towards the Fire Prince. "And as per Prince Evan's will, we shall tend to your--"

"You've already done enough with your treatment of me when I was trying to save him!" She snapped

harshly at the mature handmaid. "So you can keep your sympathy to yourself, humans!" Her eyes moved to

her intended, who was breathing slowly amidst the care of a couple of healers. A mix of uneasiness and

relief washed over her.

Iliya led Rowan out of the medicus, where they were suddenly flanked by guards. "Easy, gentlemen.

Easy now." The attendant raised her arm to them, seemingly exuding an air that didn't match a proper

handmaiden at all. She turned to the elemental and smirked innocently. "Now, dear, since you're

obviously not in need of medical treatment, why don't we clear this misunderstanding and tell us what


She was somewhat taken aback; as if this woman wanted her to be guilty. "You, are, a HANDMAIDEN.

When your station is higher then mine, then you shall hear it from my lips!" She gave her a

challenging look.


"You remind me so much of many other elementals, who bragged of being at higher stations than I

was, back when I was a mere soldier." Her grin turned dark. "Where do you think they are NOW?"

"YOU INSOLENT--!!" Rowan's anger flared up at the attitude exuded towards her. Her fists balled up,

she so desperately wanted to singe this old woman's face off. "Speak to me like that AGAIN, and I will

make you JOIN THEM! Now take me to their Imperial Majesties!!"

The mood outside of the Medicus took a fiery turn, the guards having their weapons poised at the

Fire Prince wasn't helping matters either.

"...Of course." Iliya said, her voice not even the slightest twinged with fear. "Let us see to the

Emperor and Empress indeed, Your Majesty." She curtsied and led her out of the barracks, weaving

through the guards that still had their weapons at the ready. "And I will confess... it was a stuffy

sort of gala."

"Don't you DARE speak to me, wench..." Rowan had completly forgotten, and rolled her eyes. She

hadn't the time to ponder needless things. With Iliya and a handful of guards, they marched to the

throne room, where a very worried looking Einz and Fiora sat. The Empress seemed to scowl as she

looked at 'Rabekah' wearing men's clothing.

"Your Highnesses." She said with a bow, returning the gesture towards Empress Fiora.

The Emperor looked at the two women, catching his beloved's disapproving gaze, knowing full well

the cause of that gaze. "Well, dear, our son had made mention of Her Majesty eschewing dresses for

masculine attire. We don't want the Flame Prince to feel uncomfortable here." He mused to her, before

standing from his throne, and coming down to meet her face-to-face. "A scout had informed us during

the gala that you had brought Evan into the castle, the both of you looking as if you were caught in


"Prince Evan is recuperating in the medicus as we speak, Your Majesty." Iliya reaffirmed her

Emperor. "And Princess Rabekah was most cooperative in the healing process."

"ROWAN." She harshly corrected the attendant. "My birth name is Rowan."

Emperor Einz cleared his throat. "Then tell us what has happened to the both of you??"

Rowan nodded, a glint of respect towards King Elsgarde. "Evan took me to the Lowlands so I could

catch my breath. The air flow in your castle is not ideal for me. While we were there, we had a

disagreement over... living arrangements. I presume he returned to the castle to prepare for the Gala.

When I had finished venting my frustration, I was ambushed by what I assume was a scouting party of

two Air Elementals. They attempted to kidnap me, and after some time, Evan had come to my resc--a-

assistance. He took up arms with a mace and sought me out, managing to kill one while the other


"M-My son... in battle?!" Empress Fiora was immediately shocked at this news, nevermind to hear

what else had happened afterwards.

"Indeed. I had to cauterize his most severe wound, before I brought him back to the castle."

"Airs... Air Elementals??" The Emperor was right distraught at the news, his firm features slightly

loosened, trying to maintain his composure. "They're the only plane who have never show any immediate

aggression to us--"

"Your Majesty, the very fact that these beings have infiltrated our nation without so much as a

notice from the citizenry," one of the generals in attendence spoke up. "it means that they are

becoming much more of a threat. Especially as they've made attempts on both the Flame Dignitary as

well as the Prince!"

"Well then, General, I do hope you are preparing the men to fight these threats." Iliya affirmed to

him. "The movements of Air Elementals have always been difficult to predict, after all."

"I am preparing them as well as you have taught me once before, Commander." He nodded to the


"Oh stop that, General. You know that that has not been my place for a long while now." Iliya

firmly corrected him.

The general turned and bowed to Their Majesties. "We will bolster defenses around the Keep and the

Princes during his convalescence."

Rowan looked at each of their faces, reaffirming that they truly believed her, though that damn

attendant looked ever accusing, especially as she was actually regarded with some semblance of

respect from a military official. "This one," She pointed to Iliya in a firm and commanding

tone, with the attendant fixing her own dirty glare at the Fire Princess; a look that basically told

her 'I've killed more than you've EVER had in your entire life'. "This wench is to stay out of my

sights, and not to keep me from my fiance! I will not hesitate to take action against a servant!"

Without awaiting a reply from their Majesties, Rowan marched out the throne room and back down to

the infirmary, where she had taken a stool and placed it at Evan's bedside where he was relocated. She

saw that the Prince was resting soundly in his bed, his body twitching on occasion. The extra healing

from the other healers prior helped to mend the smaller wounds on him, and to reduce the hideous

cauterized scar she noticed on his body as much as possible. Realistically, she knew it would be

impossible to eliminate it entirely.

"Prince Evan... I suppose you can consider this your first battle scar."


It was finally morning in the medicus of Elsgarde Keep. Sunlight filtered into the windows, and the

only two denizens of this room were currently asleep.

Resting in one of the beds was Crown Prince Evan of Elsgarde; on his back, his upper body clad in

bandages and dressings from his wounds. His eyes fluttered meagerly awake, taking in his practically

empty surroundings, including his sole visitor.

He could see that Rowan had practically fallen asleep on the stool she sat on. Her arms were

crossed under her head, having bent her upper body over onto the bed, her head resting right close to

Evan's hip. The Prince could only blush a little at where her head was very close to.

What he didn't know was that Rowan spent the entire night at his bedside ensuring that nothing

happened to him in the meanwhile. She even had to chase off Iliya once during the middle of the night.

She didn't like the woman at all, and was wondering if she had any involvement with those air

elementals that assaulted them; Iliya was likely the only person who could have known that the two had

been out walking that day.

Rowan quickly felt a twitch beneath her head, now aware that Evan had woken and slowly he turned

his head, seeing him looking at her sleepy orbs, a small smile etched onto her face. "Ah~ Good, you're


He tried to sit up, but bit back another groan of discomfort from the lingering pain of recovery.

He laid back down once more. The sight of her smile, tiny as it was, made him warm all over. "Y-you

st-stayed through the whole night...?"

She sleepily glanced at him, still in the process of waking up. "Mmm? Yes... yes, I did. What, erm,

husband--wife--husband-wife would I be if I did not look after my spouse? Especial--" Rowan let out a

great yawn and sat up stretching. "Especially if my spouse was also my savior?"

He gulped uneasily as he heard those words from her, blushing brighter. "I-I am moved to hear this,

but more oft, I am glad to see you are most unharmed from that awful business as well." His softened

gaze hardened a slight. "I must confess, Your Majesty... when I saw the smoke, I had thought you were

incinerating my lands as a means to vent your frustrations..."

"Well, it WAS a very tempting notion, Evan." She smirked sleepily. "I was so cross at you for

talking back to me, I contemplated incinerating my gowns at a later time, merely to spite you." Her

cold grin met his slightly despondent azure orbs, and she sighed weakly. "BUT, seeing as you saved my

life, I'll spare them."

She saw how he sighed softly in relief, but getting a feeling that this wasn't out of politics. Did

he really enjoy seeing her in gowns? Rowan shook her head and decided to pay more focus on the rest of

his body. "Hmph~ How are you feeling? Does your wound still hurt?" She indicated towards the

cauterized wound, which as he was shirtless, there was a white bandage from shoulder to waist, wrapped

all around him.

His fingers touched it meagerly, which did sting a little and was accompanied with a mild hiss from

him. "I suppose it still is..." He looked up at her from his laying position. "The only unfortunate

news is that my guards lashed at you instead of treating you... a-and I am to remain bedded for a

prolonged period of time." He distressed himself from saying this. "It means our wedd--AAGH..." He

tried to sit up again, but the pain was becoming more predominant.

"Stay lying down, the skin will be... shrunken so to say, and it will make movement harder for a

while." Rowan gently touched a hand to his shoulder, eminating heat that spread down the scar, trying

to ease away the pain. He breathed sharply initially, before warming up to the fire's touch, his eyes

locking with Rowan's.

Evan surrendered and laid himself back down. "I-It means our wedding in Elsgarde will b-be


Rowan still dreaded a wedding in Elsgarde, still wondering if it wasn't too late to steal Evan off

in the break of morning to Kasairona. Or whether she would come as 'himself' or as Rabekah.

"R-Regardless, y-you needn't suffer staying here if it does not suit you whilst I am recovering."

He chuckled weakly. "I will understand."

With a grumble, Rowan muttered, "The only person to leave will be that damned attendant of yours."

Her eyes narrowed and looked at Evan, "Despite how you feel for her, I find a certain distate for

Iliya. She has been nothing but rude to me since the day we met."

He chuckled weakly again. "Iliya always was a second strict mother to me. As for her distaste..."

he sighed. "I believe it was a fire elemental that k-killed her lover and ruined her military career,

from a time when women were forbidden to fight in our armies." He glanced upwards. "She will not tell

me who had done it either. If she holds contempt to all elementals, it is only because she will never


Rowan hardly felt that was a reason to hate all elementals; holding prejudice against more then

eighty percent of this continent's population was NOT a healthy and smart notion. "Yes, well, if she

wants an inkling of hope of being your servant the rest of her life, then she'll have to accept me.

I've never soiled my hands with human blood, but I SWEAR she will be my first."

He chuckled weakly, smiling meagerly to her. "Rowan, if my parents do not control her, I most

certainly can." He looked to the side, seeing that currently he was the only one occupying the

medicus beds, before looking to Rowan again. "So, what are you going to do now? As you stated before,

you cannot stay in unfavorable air, especially as I am amidst my convalescence."

"Yes, I know. And yet, somehow, the air down here seems better. Perhaps as we are in a rather

straight corridor. I noted that the halls in the barracks were straght corridors with curtained off

rooms. Plenty of windows to let in fresh air, too." She gave a small chuckle. "Mayhaps I should just

move into a room down here?"

He blushed at her mild reverie. "A-Amidst the medicus and barracks...?? Th-there is sparse any room

for a n-noble though..." He looked up at her again, seeing the strong features on that face of hers

that just seemed to spell out 'no contest'. "Ha, well, I-I will see what can be done, then."

"This will be the only way for me to remain in your kingdom until you are well again, or even

until... until our wedding." The way she said it really did make it sound like she was dreading the

occasion, mostly because on that day, she would remain as the Princess. "...Shouldn't someone have

been here by now with your food, medicine, o-or something?!"

He chuckled delightedly at how worried Rowan was acting, showing even this sort of PDA for him.

"Y-you needn't worry, Rowan. It is still early in the morning, and I would feel rather disconcerted if

I was fawned over--"

At that moment a couple of healers had come in, with a servant holding a silver platter, taking to

his sides.


"Your Highness, with all due respect, it would be most prudent to let Prince Evan rest at this

moment." The servant bowed to her, before they began tending to the Prince.

Rowan gave a small scowl, falling back into 'his' mood, before getting up and leaving the

infirmary, slamming the door in the process.

Evan felt so helpless right now, wishing he could follow her, but every motion of sitting up

rewarded him with pain and a rush of hands ordering to keep him down lest the flesh rupture and spill

more blood.


His back was a little stiff and he stretched as he got into the hallway, also letting out a jaw-

cracking yawn. Funny, he thought; HE was the one who had been kidnapped, and yet no one had asked HIM

how he felt. Though he felt fine, it would have been nice for someone other then the Prince to show

concern towards him.

"Oh well..." he said to himself and started up the spiral stairs. "If they hadn't threatened to

imprison me, I wouldn't have thrown their 'generosity' back at their faces."

As Rowan walked, another simple maid approached him. Slightly entranced with his beauty, she

stammered and bowed to him. "A thousand apologies, but H-His Imperial Majesty requests your


"Oh?" He raised a brow but then ushered her to lead him to where Emperor Einz might be waiting.

The maidservant had led the Flame Prince into a chamber with a lengthy table, where he had been

sitting and going over some old tomes, before he caught sight of the servant and Rowan. He had

surmised that this was the meeting room.

"I-I brought the Princess as you have requested, Your Majesty."

"Very good, then. Leave us be." He shooed the servant out before looking to Rowan. "So, Princess

Rabe--I-I mean, Rowan, you appear to be in more 'relieved' spirits."

"With all due respect, Your Majesty, please inform your servants that unless I am in my dress, I am

Prince Rowan."

"Ah, I understand. Your own preferred taste." He mused about her moniker of being called 'Prince'.

"I will instill it soon enough."

He gave a small bow at the waist. "And yes, I am feeling better. Thank you, Your Highness. You

wished to see me?"

He gave Rowan a firm nod, a world-wearied look on his face that coupled well with his many years on

the throne in a hostile realm.

"Yes, I asked for your presence to discuss the matter of events the previous night. I apologize in

advance that I could not take immediate precedence of your words, but my son's condition, relative to

your injuries, was the higher priority, especially in front of the citizenry and court." He stood and

approached him, his firm and calloused hand on Rowan's shoulder.

"The Airs have always been a hindrance at worst to my Empire, to my people. Whether they are shady

fencers, or turgid highwaymen, they have always kept their actions and consequences to themselves. But

the very notion that they have become stronger, to the point of attacking their sworn enemies in our

very lands... it stands as a very dire situation." He looked into the Fire Prince's eyes. "As such, I

am quite concerned about the safety of both you and my son."

"Hmph, you flatter me, Your Majesty." Rowan was genuinely taken aback by the Emperor's concern for

his welfare. "Aside from you and Evan, the priority of your soldiers and damned hag of a handmaiden

was to detain me." He seethed to himself, slowly unclenching his fist. "But I assure you, I can take

care of myself, Your Majesty. I was simply taken by surprise."

Emperor Einz looked to Rowan in a fatherly manner. "I am more than certain you may handle yourself,

but without your notice, you've shown a definite intrigue in my son." He saw the curious look in

Rowan's eyes. "Oh yes, he had always kept to himself, barely bothered any of our servants; now to hear

Prince Evan ordering our servants constantly about when it came to your welfare at our Keep, even

demanding the priority of your well-being when you were close to being detained--" he smirked. "Evan

truly has his sights set on you, even if he is too humble to acknowledge it."

Rowan raised an eyebrow, a faint glimmer of warmth on his cheeks. "Oh... Really? He has been doing

all of this... for me?"

He leaned in a little closer to him, a new whimsical smile on his lips. "Indeed, Prince Rowan. He

may be the Prince, but he has rarely, if ever, exerted his authority over the servants in the Castle.

I believe that alone means he must be preparing himself for the future... Or wishing to impress you;

mere speculation, of course."

A faint smile of his own overtook Rowan's lips, before he then shook his head; he had to get back

to what really mattered at the moment. "Which reminds me, one of the Air assassins happened to mention

another Prince of the Flame... Your Majesty, would you happen to have information on this?"

He leaned back, taking his hand off of Rowan's shoulders, before glancing out the window, the sight

of the castle-town always an assuring sight to the King. "The closest memory I can recall... it was

during the time of my father, King Heigan. Our nation was constantly under attack from the forces of a

ruthless and violent Flame Elemental from your Father's armies. And not just any Elemental, either: a

Revenant, brought back from the dead by twisted magicks. He was the self-proclaimed 'Zenith-General'

who often boasted that he was the proud warrior-born of your Father. If I recall, he was 'Zenith-

General' Velius--"

Both Emperor and Flame Prince heard the sound of shattering ceramic out in the hall. The both of

them opened the door of the meeting room to see the attendant Iliya at the other end of the hallway,

the shattered articles broken at her feet. They could not see the dead-eyed fear in her eyes from the

back, her body shaking faintly.

"...V-Vel... ius..."

"Iliya, is everything alright?" He addressed the handmaiden.

The mature woman bounced back to coherence, feeling aflushed as she began to collect the jagged

pieces. "Y-yes. F-forgive my insolence, Your Majesty." She bowed her head to His Majesty and to Rowan,

before hurriedly getting out of sight.

"She overheard us." Rowan stated in a most deadpan manner, his arms crossing underneath his chest.

"She continues insisting on being my shadow... I do NOT enjoy her company, Your Majesty."

"Had she overheard, I merely presume her old army memories had returned to betray her." Einz merely

smirked at this. "As for the matter on Velius--"

"Your information has been more than helpful enough." Rowan stepped past him. "I thank you for

speaking with me and telling me of this other... 'Prince.' I must--no, it absolutely cannot wait

another moment!"

"P-Prince Rowan--"

His eyes took to Evan's father. "I know it will pain him, but if Evan asks for my whereabouts,

inform him that I returned to Kasairona to discuss urgent matters with my father! I will return to my

wife as soon as I possibly can!"

Rowan gave a small bow of the head and then immediately excused himself, heading back to his room

on the 3rd floor of the castle. Gathering only a small handful of his masculine wear in a satchel, he

hurried down to the livery stables.

He NEEDED to see his father. NOW.

Inheritors of Paracelsus (Chapter 7)
Chapter 7: 'Convalescence'

Desperate to be healed, yet grudges can be hard to settle...


This is a story and RP co-created by myself and with my dear friend :iconsailor-alnilam: A tale of war, politics, and arranged love...

The preview image was also made by :iconsailor-alnilam:

The wind had continued to blow soothing through the valley of the Lowlands in spite of the heated argument that occurred between the two Children of the Crown. The soothing winds did little to quell the frustration that had continued to swelter under Rowan's human form. So tempted was he to just revert to an embodiment of flames and embers, to raze everything around him. But he decided against it, though he didn't know why. Perhaps he would continue to enjoy the gentle breeze soothing the life all around the immediate area.

...Until faint wisps of wind were beginning to circle around his feet in a most unnatural fashion.

Rowan hadn't noticed the visible sensations at first, but then began to feel a little breathless.

"The... hell?!" The wind was blowing fine but he couldnt catch his breath. Standing up now, he felt a little light-headed, before making the desperate move to hurry back to the castle.

By the time he finally reached the open mouth of the valley, he was staggering, trying to keep himself upright.

"Hhhhhh---" he tried to call out. "HELP--"

"Got you, you FIERY BUTCHER."

"You broke the balance, Flame!"

From behind Rowan, two beings emerged from literal thin air. Embodiments of the wind, clothed in bandages and wrappings, swirling twisters in place of any semblance of legs. And their void, blank eyes, though...

Their eyes seemed to demand bloody murder.

"Oh?? This is PERFECT!"

"We thought we had caught a simple ember, but we just netted the Prince of Kasairona, brother!"

"With his murder, those Fire dogs will be scattered to the winds, and we can restore the balance!"

His eyes widened. Air Elementals, here?!

Had the Prince purposefully brought him here to hand him over to the Air Kingdom? Bastard! Rowan aimed his hands downward, fire coming out in a sudden burst, creating a fire ring in an intricate pattern that startled the air elementals momentarily. Anyone who knew fire lore would know it was an emblem of Kasairona.  A smirk was on his face; they might take him, but at least someone would know it had been against his will.


"...Too proud to just accept herself as--"

Evan had finally reached the borders outside of the castle gates, when he glanced back bitterly at where there was pitch black smoke in the distance.

"Smoke??" Was Rowan--no, he was tired of referring to the Flame Prince as his preferred name. Was Rabekah deliberately incinerating his people's lands just to vent her frustrations??! "And she called ME pathetic!" He hurried back the other way, preparing himself for some sort of inevitable conflict. "I don't want to do this, but by The Almighty, do I have to be so cross with her?!"


"UGH!! Clever asshole!!" One of the Airs cursed out; they were certainly far more crude than other elementals.

"You think you can consume us?!"

The two elementals pulled back and started to charge their bodies. Amidst their gale-bound cloudy bodies, sparks of electricity crackled within their beings. As their bodies darkened, the sounds caused new worry in the Flame Prince's face.

'They can make lightning?! The rumors were true...!?' Rowan made his fire brighter, black smoke continuing to rise up from the ground. He could control electricity too, but without enough air it was too hard to perform. As it was, he was running out of breathable air quickly by leaving his mark. Spots danced before his eyes before he swayed and collapsed, eyes fluttering shut.

The two air elementals approached his downed body, 'kneeling' as it were to sling him over their shoulders. "Aww... and I wanted to show him what we learned...!"

"Don't bother. If he gets uppity with us, we could just zap him to bits. Her Majesty will reward us fine enough if we can just give her his head--"

"Or even MORE for the Core we'll rip out of his body--"

"RABEKAH!!" The two elementals looked upwards, hearing a different voice approaching them. "How moronic are you truly to be burning my people's land for the sake of--"

They could see Evan stopping at the top of the hill, looking down at the searing flame imprint and smoke, along with her downed form flanked by two bandage-wrapped elementals propping her up.


"A human?!"

The 'leader' of the two Airs gestured with his free hand to his brother to begin charging energy. "DON'T YOU EVEN DARE GET INVOLVED, MORTAL. THIS FIGHT IS NOT YOURS!"

They both threw charged lightning at him, striking the Prince almost immediately before he dropped to the ground, rolling down the grassy hill and smoldering patch, just as they started to chortle in victory over their acquisition.


Shifting slowly, before blinking and finally being able to take a breath of air, he woke with a sharp and painful gasp. His chest moved up and down rapidly and his eyes moved side to side. Where was he?

The sky had darkened, and in the middle of a forest clearing, Rowan was bound and trapped. His arms and legs were bound together, with only the moon being their source of light as the air elementals both looked to him. Out of pure spite, one of them immediately zapped Rowan with lightning, singing off only a small piece of his pant leg. And if the Prince had tried anything, the other was at the ready to limit his air supply.

"Well, brother, it looks like the pretty little princess finally woke up." The first one mocked.

"Heh, frying that human was admittedly not as fun as I'd thought. But of course, we can't afford any witnesses. This snobby princeling is why Kasairona thinks themselves as conquerors."

"Subjugating Earth and Water was not your smartest move, 'Your Highness'."

"N-no one... no one subjugated them." Rowan struggled to speak. His chest heaved. It was like having the wind knocked out of you, but never catching your breath afterwards. The limited air made his lungs burn.  Why had they taken him? For revenge? Fire had never had a problem with Air, as far as he knew anyways. "They... joined us... on their own!"

"Liar!!" The lightning user cast his energy on him again. "You KNEW that the Air Elementals strive to maintain the balance on Paracelsus! It is by HER WILL that we must maintain balance, so that no one plane dominates the others! Fire has become too zealous, too pained to maintain the unity! And your 'allegiances' spit on our very conduct!"

"Stubborn and bullheaded." The asphyxiator smirked darkly to his kin. "Maybe we ought to snuff his fire out now, and extract his core from the smoldering husk. It would make the perfect gift for Her Majesty."

"Yes..." Beneath the bandaged face, the Prince could swear that this man was grinning maliciously. "Alongside the other Flame Prince's core..."

Rowan's eyes widened, trying to wriggle around again as they continued to laugh at his predicament.

"What do you mean, OTHER Prince?! I am the only Crown Prince of Kasairona!!" He endured another zap of lightning, enduring more damage to his garments, a stray scrap frayed off of his chest. His face was in a scowl, trying to control his breathing since the air was still very thin where he was laying. "You're going to be in so much trouble when I am freed. No wonder you all hide, you're COWARDS! Your only tactics are ambushing--"

The lightning caster again zapped him to silence him, looking down at the downed Prince. "Our numbers are far and few, all thanks to the Other Prince's campaign. As for calling us 'cowards', we fight in this way because it is the only way we can beat you tyrants! The Other Prince sought to absorb all elements to his kingdom. Those he did not force in his sway, he would eradicate..."

The other one who was still controlling Rowan's oxygen level looked to his friend, looking to mock the Flame Prince. "Brother, there's no use wasting your breath on this simpering princeling. They must've sheltered the truth from this brat while he lived in the lap of luxury."

"What you do not know will not certainly kill you, yes?" The lightning-user smirked down at him. "If we are 'cowards' to you, it is because we are the ones who will do what it takes for all Elemental kind, Princeling."

Though it occurred to Rowan that even though he was a she, and she was a prince, perhaps her father had kept a secret even she hadn't know about. Was THIS why he truly disallowed her from the battlefield? Mayhaps she had an older brother that her father did not want to reveal to her?

"Well you sorry little... You do know I am a woman, yes? Perhaps... it IS my brother?"

"A brother or a successor, it matters little to us. You and your kind will once more become balanced with Paracelsus."

The asphyxiating elemental that was limiting Rowan's air supply bore a questionable look amidst his brother's gloating. "Wait... did he just say he was a woman?"

"What? A PRINCESS?" The lightning user looked down at the 'Prince', eyes noting the very faint bump on her chest, the clothing damage exposing a faint red undergarment and bare attempt of cleavage. A deviously evil smirk ran along his face now. "Well! In THAT case, perhaps we can have a little FUN with this ember before we snuff out her fire. You and your people certainly have it coming, Princess!"

A dark yet defeated smirk was on her face now. "Go ahead you garish louts... But I'll make sure to turn up the temperature and make it uncomfortable for you as it will be for me!"

"With the both of us suffocating you, I doubt kindling like you can burn suffici--"

The sounds of rustling leaves surrounding them halted their thoughts.

"What was that?"

"Perhaps it is a mere deer or squirrel, brother."

"No... We've come too far to risk that--" His eyes widened. "It must be a human scouting party...! The human boy we fried back at the valley--we should've made proper care to leave nothing of his corpse behind!"

'They... killed a human?' Rowan's eyes widened weakly. 'But the only people around would have been a farmhand, a villager, or--or even--'

"Fine... You continue choking out the 'Princess', and I will deal with this threat."

The asphyxiator concentrated an aura of airlessness around him; anything that would get too close to him or sneak up behind him would certainly lose their breath immediately, losing their element of surprise, leading for the kill. The lightning user immediately disappeared into the woods.

"Who--who did you kill?" She felt a little panicked; this would not bode well. A wounded human who suffered electrical damage--she would very likely receive the blame.

"Huh, who would show worry for you, you hatemongering monster?!" The air elemental spat on her face. "Well, since you're done for, Princess, from what I cared to notice of that fleshy imperfection, it was one of their Empire's healers. All the better, really. One less of them makes all the difference~"

'No...! No no no!!!' Evan had been dressed in some semblance of healer's robes when they had been out; it was his choice attire. Though she was furious with him, and used him as her means to vent her frustrations, she still didn't wish for anything dire to have happened to him.

From their viewpoint, faint sounds were mere breeze-wisps through the trees.

"I cannot risk having my quarry being taken by those mortals...!" Rowan's 'jailer' muttered before strengthing his own air-stealing aura. "Another minute, and I must--"

There were definite sounds of conflict now. Not overly violent, but it still sounded of a struggle. Crackles of lightning sparked bright light amidst the trees. Lights and the scent of something burning, and a violent-sounding thud... before a sound of breathless death.

"Ha... and here I thought I had something to worry about! Whoever came to your rescue, they must have certainly drawn their last brea--"

From the trees was a hard, crystalline-like sphere thrown close to the border of the clearing. Within was a faint swirl of air... An air elemental's core.

And now a firm foot stepped on that core, shattering it and reducing the faint element within to nothingness.

"Impossible...!!!" The air elemental's eyes looked to the tattered and battle-damaged robes of the human Prince, blood coming down his sleeved arm. His meager mace that always hung off his waist for self-defense was now splintered many times over. From that desperate encounter with the other elemental, he was scraped and bleeding from his arms, legs, and a diagonal hint along his chest and stomach. "How are you still alive?!"

She twisted to see the prince standing there, looking pale from some blood loss. "E-Evan?" Rowan said with surprise. But given their enemy's shocked state, she too was surprised that the Prince had lived. Though Rowan noticed that with the air elemental's attention was now on the human, the air was returning to her lungs.

Rowan took a deep breath, feeling more like 'himself' again, as if he was kindling being stoked. Her hair began to pulse a vibrant red and he felt his body temperature rise again.

"You have something... that does NOT... belong to you...!" Evan spoke slowly, breathlessly, his breathing and heartbeat twitchy and unpredictable. Regardless, he still raised his damaged weapon challengingly towards the air elemental "Release the Flame Prince at once...! Or p-pay the price... that your friend--"

He grabbed at his throat the moment the air elemental reached his arm out, doing little good to protect his own throat. The sole air elemental left had both arms spread, hands out to limit the both of their air supplies. "You were WARNED not to intervene, mortal! The affairs of the Elements are far beneath you sacks of meat!!"

Despite the air elemental cutting off her air once again, she had caught enough of a breath to heat up, the air around her was wavering with intense heat, and her eyes completely changed to look like fire was in them. Fire and air worked in tandem, and worked against each other, and right now she was burning up all the oxygen around his attacker.

"Breathe your last--br-breath--AAAUGH!!"

He let go of Evan, immediately turning to blast Rowan with a full wall of air that suddenly became ignited, sending all parties into the trees. The two elementals shrugged the notion off uneasily, but eventually got to their feet. Evan, however, due to being a creature of flesh, took much more of the impact on his end, his body aching and bleeding, the human Prince trying to control his breathing, his vision getting blurried.

"You cannot win this, Flame... Your days of razing our realms will cease, even if it doesn't come in my time...!!"

Rowan's head was spinning as she barely caught the sight of the Air Elemental fade away into the night, seeming to have run off with his tail between his legs. With a firm growl, she finally corrected her vision while burning the ropes on her bound wrists, her hands now free.

She coughed hard; the fresh air and ability to actually breathe seemed to hurt her lungs. "Evan... where are you?" Rowan saw his body, banged up and bloodied, lying several feet away, before slowly making her way towards him.

She could see Evan breathing loudly, heaving desperately with his every attempt to keep the air flowing. A small flash of white light that generated from his hand faded away from his chest and stomach area, his body starting to resume seeping blood through his healer's raiment.

"R-Ro--Ro-Rowan--aahgh...!" He coughed loudly, finding it difficult to concentrate and hold back the bloody wounds of his. And trying to stand on his own merit was out of the question.

Rowan rushed over to him. Seeing the blood pouring from him, she dropped to her knees, her firm hand on Evan's chest, ignoring the damp sensation of moistened blood. "Evan... Evan, hang on!!"

"Y-you're... you're alright--aagh--"

"Don't speak now!!" She looked around hurriedly, feeling the empty sensation that no one else was around; he went alone to rescue her. Her usual emotionless face was actually showing worry now; HER worry was the one thing Evan could glance up at. "I--I can cauterize your wounds, even if it scars-- Wh-what do you want me to do?! Evan, you must decide, quickly!"

"I-I...!" He tried to sit up, fingers tearing his bloodied and weakened robes open to expose his gaping wound, starting from his collar bone and moving diagonally down his chest to the end of his stomach, giving the Flame Prince an up-close view of extreme flesh wounds. He tried to concentrate, with flashes of white light trying to join the open wound, as if to stitch the flesh back together, which in turn was an unnatural sight to the fire elemental.

But another forced cry and groan broke his concentration, making the light dissipate, and allowing the wound to continue to bleed. "I can't c-concentr--agh...!!" He took Rowan's hand in his. "I'll... I'll be... f-f-fine--AGHrgh--" Even if he couldn't say it himself, his gestures urged her to proceed.

She could tell he would be unable to heal himself; not that she could understand how bright lights would be suitable for restoration unlike the definite properties of the Elements. But as she laid him back down, her face returned to its default stoicness. "This will hurt a little. Or a lot, I'm not sure."

With two fingers, she touched the top of his wound, which started at his shoulder and ended at his hips, and her fingertips looked white hot. She began moving her fingers down, noting the flesh being melded together rather smoothly, promising to leave nothing but scar tissue behind. She could feel his breathing and heartbeat intensifying the immediate moment he felt the searing healing against his wounds, crying out here and there from the pain. During those moments, she held her other hand behind his neck, emanating a gentle and soothing heat into his body. trying to help him relax.

She tried to calm him as she would a fussing babe, knowing that without the soothing heat, he would had lapsed into shock. "I'm going to pick you up now. Okay? We have to get back to the castle... Please don't pass out."

Rowan slipped an arm under his shoulders and another under his knees, feeling the steady increase of warmth from the Prince, meaning that the soothing heat was immediately taking precedence over the painful sting of the cauterization.

Counting quietly, she easily picked him up. "Hmph. You're surprisingly light, Prince Evan."

"Ahh... w-w-w-well... I-I know I am not muscled... but th-then again, an e-elemental w-would be strong--aaagh..." He breathed in and out again, trying to control his breathing. His eyes glanced towards Rowan's own. "I-I was glad I w-walked back... when I s-s-saw smoke--agh..."

"Shush. Don't strain yousrself, Prince." She began to run, her long legs covering a long distance quickly through the night-darkened Lowlands. "You've done more than you'd ever know..."

Inheritors of Paracelsus (Chapter 6)
Chapter 6: 'Attempt'

At the cusp of the Flame Prince's tantrum, the winds would twist in a different way...


This is a story and RP co-created by myself and with my dear friend :iconsailor-alnilam: A tale of war, politics, and arranged love...

The preview image was also made by :iconsailor-alnilam:

A carriage strolled slowly along the trail. Horses of the human domain trotted along at their casual pace, as the stately carriage departed from Elsgarde Keep proper towards the Castle Town situated at the base of the Empire. And though it was situated at the base, it was still a walled town, with strong and sturdy fortifications protecting the largest of the human settlements from the enemies of the Elsgarde Empire.

Riding atop the carriage were the Flame Prince's escort, guards cloaked and disguised as sellswords to accompany their liege on this errand. Within the carriage, the Crown Princes of Elsgarde and Kasairona sat once again in an awkward silence, the tension in the air emanating entirely from the Flame Prince, who, even though he had agreed with Evan's request, still radiated a smoldering disinterest.

The human Prince gulped uneasily, fingers tugging at his shirt-collar meekly. "A-Again, Your Majesty, if you do not wish to carry through with this undertaking, I would not be--"

"Prince Evan." Rowan's words silenced him immediately, as a searing glare seemed to pierce the Prince through the carriage. "I had already committed myself to your request; why haven't you, yourself? Now speak no further of it, before I decide to take to your 'advice'. Now, where is a good parlor, Prince?"

The human prince peered out the carriage, seeing that after traveling down a few streets they were approaching what appeared to be a tailor's, with many lovely gowns on the storefront display, and a wooden placard representing the profession.


"Fine..." Rowan banged the carriage door for them to stop.

When they had, one guard poked his head into the carriage. "Yes, sire?"


"Settle the carriage here. I will only be a few minutes, whilst I buy myself some... gowns." A bored frown appeared on the Flame Prince's face.

The guard gave a small chuckle but also a look of understanding. "Aye, Your Majesty." he winked and went to inform the others.

He--Rowan had to stop thinking that about himself for this moment. She looked to the delicately dressed Prince before her. "I'll only be a few moments, Prince." Rabekah left the carriage.


Entering the shop, she was greeted with bright colors and dresses of the current fashion.

"Oh greetings!" A humble shopkeep and his wife came forward, bowing politely at the sight of Rabekah and her regal attire. "What an honor to be visited upon by an invested nobleman! To what do we owe this stately visit?"

"Forgive me, sir." She said in a more feminine voice and gave a small bow, "But I am in need of some gowns. Enough for... a fort night, roughly. A month, at most." She straightened up, a kind and somewhat forced smile to her face. "I'm sorry for the short notice, but seeing as I am a guest of Their Imperial Majesties, I need dresses by this evening at the very least."

"OH??" The shopkeep's wife immediately pushed her husband to the side, looking up to the taller woman, seeing the glinting embers in her eyes. "I can see it! A Fire at our humble store? Dear, shod off! Let a lady tend to a lady's need! We wouldn't want to upset her to the point of burnin' our home to kindling! Shoo! SHOO!" She harried her husband out of the room, before paying her attention back onto Rabekah. "Now, come this way so that I can take your measurements, dear!"

Rabekah followed the shopkeeper's wife to the back room. This mature woman seemed so happy to be tending to her, and the Flame Princess had to admit that the feeling was contagious, as a tiny and now genuine smile formed atop the foundation of her formerly forced grin. Once in the back room, she had to strip down to her undergarments, which were a very simple red brassier and miniscule red shorts.

Her measurements were far more masculine, with wider shoulders and a slim waist and hips, but given the dresses on display in the front, Rabekah was certain this woman would give her some delightful and worthy clothes.

"I need them to be in the royal colors of Elsgarde." Rabekah informed. "And one or two in the colors of the Fire Kingdom of Kasairona."

"Oh?? The Royal Family--oh!! You mean, you're trying to get closer to Their Highness's son?? That's so amazing--I never saw a lot of the Crown Prince myself, Your Highness." She shifted her eyes side to side as she continued sizing up the Flame Princess, getting a wrap-around on her firm stomach. "But between you and me, I always thought that a boy in robes and healer's garbs would be one who preferred the cockerel over the muff--but of course, what do I know of royal politics?! Ahahaha~ now I believe I have just the sort of deals just for you, dear."

With that, she excitedly brought out a few gowns, some indeed holding onto the Elsgarde royal colors, and some more noblewoman-like gowns that coincidentally had such fiery tones of crimson and golden. The initial measurements looked as if it would fit a more wide-set noblewoman, even when it was fitted atop of her, which led to her beginning to adjust the gown to fit the flame more appropriately.

She tried them all on, all fourteen of them, and each one looked amazing on her body. Even if she despised being dressed in that which she denied for so many years, deep down, she could not deny that she looked amazing.

"Now, I have one more dress that needs extra special attention and MUST be done within the end of the month." She leaned in to whisper to the woman, telling her about a fiery red wedding dress befitting a queen.

When all was said and done, Rabekah paid the kind woman with a hefty sack of gold and silver, far more then the dresses were worth. But when one had the money of two nations, one could dish out what they please to whom they pleased.


"So, have you heard? The wisps have been getting awful restless..."

"You don't need to tell me twice. I've heard those rumors. The Airs are getting restless, and they've been getting very aggressive from what I've heard."

"I heard they can make lightning as well--"


"Wisps are our kin; they cannot lie. They have learned how to conjure lightning, and how to suffocate us--"

"Impossible! We are flames! We consume the air--"

"Not the way they're doing it from what I've heard; killing fire without even touching them, cutting them off... They've gone far from being target practice."

Evan sat patiently in the caravan while he waited for the Princess to return. When he heard Rabekah bark at her escorts to begin loading all of the gowns onto the carriage, he leaned back into his seat, before casting a curious glance back on the Princess.

"So, I-I see you've ascertained what you have required, yes?" Evan noted simply.

"Yes, I have." She said curtly. "I'm rather... amused about how some of your people regard their 'cockerel-craving prince'." She said this with a slightly amused look, doubled with Evan's immediate tomato-red tint upon his cheeks. She tapped the door, letting them know they could be on their way back to the Keep.

She would dread the notion of having to get her feminine attire on as well as have her face painted as a noblewoman would one day. Something she had not done in many centuries.

"W-w-well, perhaps it was due to my lack of interest in pursuing a suitor or a c-consort prior to our arrangement. My people are my first priority."

A dark glare met his eyes immediately. "Well, if you're not into females, now would be a fantastic time to tell me." She tried being polite. The princess being a prince was a small shock to her already, but if he had no interest in furthering the royal line, then that was a problem. "Do not lead me on anymore then you already have, please."

"Oh no no no! It's not that at all!! I show no desire for lusting after men!!" Evan reassured her, blushing deeply from his choice of words, as if unintentionally insulting Rabekah's masculine choice of dress. "I-I have always wanted a-a woman--someone who I could bare myself to... but because of the constant fighting, how can I allow myself to feel happiness when there are others who suffer all around me?" He looked to the flame again, a small, boyish smirk across his dainty features. "Though, admittedly, when you proclaimed yourself as a woman, it did ease my anxieties about our arrangement."

"I was fine either way with this arrangement, to be honest. Though if you had been a true woman, I would have never shared my bed." She recrossed her arms and legs, the same blank face beginning to take the place of any sort of emotion.

"Ah... I-I see." Eva glanced to the side, always finding the 'neutral' disposition of Rabekah--Rowan--the Flame Prince to be a slight jarring, as if he had done something wrong, as always.

"Is something about me bothering you, 'Prince'?" She asked him, her eyes still on his being.

"N-no! Of course not--"

"Then stop looking away from my merely being myself, understand?! Even as I bow down to your request, I will NEVER compromise this facet of myself!!" She let out an irritable sigh afterwards, before letting her eyes glance out the carriage windows. It seems that the closer they got to the castle, the slower they moved, with the driver yelling at commoners to get out of their way.


A week's time had gone by after the Flame Heir's arrival at the Elsgarde Empire.

Crown Prince Evan, after a rigorous morning of mental exercises for his healing training, and followed with a grand time perusing Elsgardian literature in the library, was heading towards the Royal's Wing. It was very spacious and quite elite indeed, with one chamber currently housing Princess Rabekah--or rather, Prince Rowan; her rule was harshly enforced that when she was not in her gowns, she was always Prince Rowan. And she had not stepped out of her cold, harsh, 'male' persona or threads for the chance moments he saw her.

He knocked on his door, wondering if he would actually get to see him at all today.


On the other end, Rowan snapped out of a warm trance to the sounds of rapping on his door.

He got up and approached the door, opening it fast and firmly. Of course it was his human bride and fiance, Evan.

"What, is it, Evan?!" He barked lowly at the Prince before him.

"Ah..." He looked into the Flame 'Prince's' eyes. There was always that hateful sort of spark that seemed to always be directed squarely at him. And yet, Evan could feel that there was something off. "Y-you've sequestered yourself in your chambers the last few days, Your Majesty. Are you not feeling well?"

Rowan almost started to apologize, but stopped short of doing so. He felt he shouldn't have to. "I-I... I'm," he placed a long index finger between his brows and shut his eyes. "Your air quality in the castle... it is terrible for me, Prince."

He had been avoiding him on purpose. The air in the human lands was different, less oxygen due to so many people and not enough trees in the immediate area for air production. So he was feeling slightly ill and irritable.

"AH, the a-a-air's unsuitable??" He glanced down, feeling like it was his own fault in some way. "I-I'll see if I can--"

"Evan, stop. Just..." Opening his eyes, Rowan stepped out of his chambers, shut it behind him, and gave the Crown Prince a semblance of selflessness. "You were right to pursue me; I need to be less negligent towards you. So... let us spend some time together, yes?"

He looked at him blankly for a moment, before giving him his own sign of jubilation, glad to see some forwardness to finally socialize at last from Rowan. And as for his problem with the air...

"Past the Keep, it leads on down to the Lowlands. Nothing but green fields, farmlands and forests; perhaps it would suit your current needs more appropriately." He suggested. "T-t-to give you a proper breather, as it were."

"S-sure." Rowan said, a more genuine smile to his face. The thought of fresher air really seemed like a wonderful idea. "Won't you lead the way?" Rowan gave a tiny bow, his eyes burning a little brighter with happiness.

"But of course." His lips took to a relieved tone, before leading the way.

Mentally, Evan beamed happily, for his 'husband' had finally smiled to him.


Evan firstly informed Iliya that he was showing His Majesty around the Lowlands, in case the Emperor and Empress would ask for their whereabouts. Rowan giving a venomous glare towards the attendant behind Evan's back was another step of the plan, according to the Flame Prince.

Then from the south end of the Keep, it was a firm but smooth and straightforward walk towards the Lowlands. True to Evan's words, there awaited lush fields of green, of farmlands and animals on one side, bordering forests on the other side, all of it so green and vibrant and alive.

Heading downwards from the fields, the Lowlands ended within a valley area, small rolling hills with tall grass that swayed in the wind. One could smell hay and wheat as the breeze blew. Rowan stopped to admire the scenery. This was so unlike his desert home, all green and forested.

Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes, spread his arms, and fell backwards into the tall grass. His hair, which had seemed to have dulled into a darker red, lightened very quickly, becoming vibrant once again. Prince Evan even noticed that definite color was returning to Rowan's hair and pale skin regaining its naturally tanned color. Opening his eyes and looking to the sky, Rowan's eyes burned brightly with an inner fire. His orbs practically shimmered in the daylight, watching the clouds simply race by.

"You were not exaggerating when you said the air at the Keep was not to your liking." He nodded to him. "You appear to be in more definite spirits, Princess Rabe--" He caught himself before he could finish, glancing towards the dip of the valley. "I-I mean, Prince Rowan..."

He loosed a quiet sigh, his smile fading somewhat. Was it really straining the human Prince so much to identify him as he deserved? "Fix your tone, Prince. I had thought you'd have known better." A glance towards the human showed him with his head down, eyes paying more notice to the surroundings than to himself.

"Ah, my apologies, Your Highness." He supposed he had gotten his hopes up, only to have them dashed away.

Another inhale and he continued to speak. "But yes, this air is quite preferable."

He turned his head to Rowan, a faint smile on his lips. "Well, I am delighted that you are elated with your environs, Your Majesty." He looked around the valley surroundings, noting the peaceful air. "If you like, I could request His Majesty to erect a quaint manor within the Lowlands for us."

"Yes that would be... wait," he cut himself off, sitting up quickly. "What do you mean build a manor here?" He looked confused; was the prince wanting Rowan to move here? "I cannot stay here, Evan. I would not survive the winter!"

"Ah--I-I wouldn't ask you to stay the winters... but, just as 'Princess' Eva has come to accept staying in Kasairona, perhaps I can ask you to accept Elsgarde as a second home as well?" He looked around the sweeping valley. "And since you seem uncomfortable in the Keep proper, I could request the King to commission a manor here, suitable for you in mind."

"No." He looked very sternly at the prince. "I will live in nothing short of a castle, and I need to be among my people. We married in my lands first, so we will be living in the oasis."

Evan's eyes widened. "A-Are you suggesting that I-I may never see my home again??"

His face was in a scowl now. "YOU may live wherever you wish. But I will not be staying in these lands for long. Unless it's your purpose to kill me with lack of air."


His heart felt a slight ache as he looked out to the surrounding greenery. "I... I cannot force you to obey my words; if you wish to stay in Kasairona during your rule, I will not force the issue! But can you not set yourself down, even by a slight, to accept that Elsgarde could be another home for you, even if only for the warmer seasons--"

"NO, I WILL NOT." Rowan voiced firmly, his eyes showing off that molten energy. "How naive could you possibly be?! Just because we marry, it doesn't even mean we need to be in the same country."

"Well, how cruel of you to say such a thing!" He looked down at his feet, feeling very uncomfortable around 'Rowan' now. "Even though all of this started merely as a prevention of war, it may surprise you, Your Majesty, that I have developed a fondness towards you, both as Eva and Evan. And yet you seem most indifferent to whether our peoples see their future rulers split apart, barely seeing eye-to-eye, fostering only distance and contempt." He stood and looked down at him. "How good you must feel to ensure that your PRIDE remains intact, Prince Rowan."

The Flame Prince got up abruptly. "And here's where you're wrong; I don't care about any of this!! I DON'T love you, let alone like you very much!!" His inner flame danced angrily in his eyes, his pupils disappearing. "I said it once, and I will say this again: I would WIPE every one of you human vermin off these planes! This is OUR world!"

He could feel his hateful eyes smoldering onto him. He looked absolutely hot to the touch; as if Rowan's skin would buckle under and melt to its true form, as if laying a hand on him would melt flesh and bone off the human prince's body altogether.

"...Then show a better example for us 'vermin'. This whole ordeal is not just about your stubborn pride, about your being coupled with me, or even if you're scared of baring children in the future, Your Majesty..." He started to walk away, continuing to feel that intensely searing hatred behind him, trying to hide the fact his heart was both beating incessantly and sinking to despair at the same time. "If you wish to keep the 'facade' of our courtship up, there is a lavish gala tonight. They will expect us there, and in our finery. S-so... don't be late... Princess Rabekah."

Rowan's fists were clenched in pure, seething anger. How tempted he was to just send a gout of molten flame at him, merely to strike him down and end this 'farce' once and for all. He would be dead, their peoples would war everlasting, and...

The Flame Prince immediately stomped down towards the end of the valley in the opposite direction of the Prince. Upon reaching the bottom, he stopped and sat down heavily, letting out a huff.

"Stupid prince." he cursed in his mother tongue.  Maybe he'd just spend the day out here; it would do him no good to go to the gala in a pissed off mood. Suddenly, burning all the gowns he had bought out of direct protest of Prince Evan's requests didn't seem like a bad idea now.

Inheritors of Paracelsus (Chapter 5)
Chapter 5: 'Rabekah'

A simple errand at the human Prince's behest... And testing the Flame Prince's patience...


This is a story and RP co-created by myself and with my dear friend :iconsailor-alnilam: A tale of war, politics, and arranged love...

The preview image was also made by :iconsailor-alnilam:

The carriage bumbled along that rough road, as being this far in the country meant the roads were in some disrepair, allowing the occasional shift from side to side. The Flame Prince's eyes had noted the Nexus-Point that joined the Elemental Plane of Fire to the human lands of this continent for the very first time. And the sensation of crossing through a Nexus-Point was indeed a first for Prince Rowan, which, alongside the Princess Eva and their escort, felt a slight shifting of their internal organs. Nothing more than mild discomfort that passed as they continued down the countryside.

Once they had started passing through the smaller villages and settlements, the roads were paved in tan brick, affording a smoother ride. Their carriage looked unimportant, but merely as a means to not draw attention, aside from the fact that the fire nation guards dressed as cloaked sellswords, tough looking individuals that would dissuade pitiful human thieves and highwaymen from attempting anything on them.

Rowan wore simple clothes for this trip, a white long sleeved tunic with gold embroidery and white pants. A beautifully detailed red belt was at his waist. He sat with his legs and arms crossed, his head lowered and his eyes closed. They were already married, according to his people. But Eva's Empire would not recognize this until they were wed in the human capital. It was all tedious business, but he supposed this allowed them to live in either capitol whenever they chose.


He let out a low sigh, wishing he could sleep, but the atmosphere was a little uncomfortable, both with the human realm's middling temperatures, and with his new wife sitting across from him. Rowan remembered how he left her last night, sweaty, drunk and whining incessantly. He almost felt embarrassed with the looks he received this morning when he was found in his own bedchambers. And of course, the maids were the first to gossip about the unconsummated marriage, already fearing ill tidings for Kasairona.

Princess Eva, dressed in her slim traveling gown and a fur stole around her shoulders, glanced over at the Prince seated across from her. So badly did she want to say something, but the fact that her head was throbbing uneasily reminded her that she had more than a lady and a healer combined should have imbibed the night before. She had awoken all sweaty and exhausted, her wedding dress and honeymoon attire underneath all in a thin sheen of sweat, to the point of almost becoming translucent fabric. Even a cool bath, a generous goblet of water, and a change of clothes didn't completely quell her hangover.

The temperate climate of her home, compared to the scorching heat of the Fire Realm, was almost chilling in the transition, but it made her feel right at home again. sighed quietly, eyes lost in the green pastures past the Nexus-Point and towards the closest village from that point. It all had elated her.

Until regards with the Prince once more plagued her thoughts, sending that uncomfortable feeling into the pit of her stomach.

"Y-Your Majesty, last night... w-was I... unbearable in any sort of way?" She spoke meekly, but a tone that did not sound like her lady-like tone.

He did not open his eyes for a moment, and when he did they seemed to glow in the carriage's dim light. "No. You were not unbearable. But you enjoyed chattering the entire time you were in your unacceptable stupor. Things about 'Princes' and thrown away clothes." He gave a small shrug.

She blushed in crimson, eyes looking down at what he talked about, about what she had 'blathered on' about last night. "Ah, I see... I-I apologize for bothering you with such yammering, Your Majesty..."

Her feet kicked innocently enough, small heeled ankle-boots and sheer black leggings beneath her gown. Before long her eyes looked to the Prince's once more, fingers gripping her own arms uneasily.

She couldn't avoid this topic any longer, especially if they were to be wed again in her own homeland and then forced to consummate their union at last.

If she would die here, at least it would be far away from any of her subjects, sparing them from the Prince's wrath.

"...If I may, Your Majesty, I-I-I must confess something to you."

The Prince's heart skipped a beat, and not in a good way. Ice seemed to run immediately through his veins.

"Oh?" He said quietly with a raised brow. "That perhaps you're not really the Princess? That they had thought to deceive me and my people by wedding me with someone else from the royal court? Or even a pitiable peasant?!"

"N-n-no! I-I'm not a noble or a peasant, oh no, Your Majesty..." She bit her bottom lip, her legs nuzzling together. "Y-you were given bare information about being in an arrangement with a child of the Imperial Throne, yes? Nothing specific?"

"Of course... Why?"

"Th-there... There never was a daughter Of the Imperial Throne, there was only... a-a-a son."

Rowan's face didn't change; he just kept staring down at the floor. Then slowly a hand raised to be placed at his temple, eyes closed and what seemed like a small sigh of relief escaped him.

He looked at her from the corner of his glowing eye, looking to the 'Princess' who had, with eyes closed, steeled herself for an instantaneous incineration for this confession. He even shook his head at this pitiful display; at the very least, he was impressed that Eva was prepared for death.

Rowan lowered his arms, sitting a little more upright. "Well, this works out better then planned, yes? I'm a prince, yes, but I am female."

Eva's stance seemed to soften a slight, eyes carefully looking up to the Flame Prince's strong form. "Pardon?"

He let out a heavy, exasperated, impatient sounding sigh, "You have seen how androgynous some of our people can appear with your own eyes, yes? Well, I am female. I chose to be a Prince though, not a Princess; I am not one to be confined in dresses and finery."

Eva glanced to Rowan again, eyes forcing themselves to meet Rowan's own. "Y-you certainly demonstrated this facet of yours, Your Majesty... B-But do your--"

"My citizens are aware of my gender, Princess." He said curtly. "But because I am a female Prince, I am not allowed on the battlefield; too rare a commodity, my father had said. Perhaps the only downfall to my choice. If I were male, it would have been a different story."

"Ah, y-y-yes, I can see this now." Eva sighed out of slight relief; one primal fear about their consummation would thankfully not happen to her vulnerable back door. "I suppose it was difficult for me to notice; you are very built indeed, and you exude such a strong, confident air about yourself, Your Majesty. If you were of my kingdom, you would be more than a welcome addition to the battlefield, regardless of gender." Eva nodded. "Not that I doubt your capabilities; I am certain you would topple me in fisticuffs, Your Majesty."

He gave a simple nod. It was true that she was capable with a sword, but her father wouldn't hear of her going into battle. Even as a Prince, she was still a woman, and thus had to produce an heir, and was indeed considered far more valuable off the field of battle.

"Seems though that when we arrive, I will have to fit myself with a more... FEMININE attitude." A sour look most definitely crossed Rowan's lips. "After which, I have decided that you will refer to me as Princess Rabekah."

"Oh?" The dressed 'Princess' glanced curiously at Rowan. "Is that your birth name?"

"Don't be ridiculous." She snapped at him. "Rowan is my true name, but--let us be honest, who had heard of a Princess with such a strong name as that? So it is with a, well, feminine name that I must ingratiate myself with for the time being."

Eva could feel the embitterment in Rowan's regards to a proper feminine identity. Just the notion of even using a different name seemed to make the Flame Prince betray his own values. "I-If it is not in your comfort zone to dress in feminine attire, you needn't force yourself to, Your Majesty." Eva blushed brightly. Although, looking at the Prince again, imagining her body dressed in very feminine attire, was a very tempting thought; Eva was still a growing young man, after all. "Y-your reputation would be more than enough, Pr-Princess Rabekah..."

"How kind of you to placate me, young 'Prince'." Rowan shook his head. "But no, they expect you to marry a woman, not a Prince. So I shall adopt my role as the Princess. This is not up for debate, wife."


The Flame Prince raised a hand to stop her from speaking more about it.

It was there that the journey seemed to take an awkward air between them, even as the ride became much smoother, and the 'sellswords' guarding the caravan were making quiet rumors to themselves regarding their enemies, the elusive Air elementals.

"I-I cannot change into my pr-princely attire until we arrive at Elsgarde Keep proper, but if I may offer to show you around the Empire while you are here, it would elate me." Eva insisted in her meek tone.

"Hmm." Rowan said with a grunt. "You COULD show me."


Rowan didnt know what to think as of yet, spending a millenia inside his own kingdom, whether it be on this earthly plane or the true elemental plane that housed the Eternal Flame.  The ground was covered in grasses and wheats, tall trees dotted the landscape and up ahead along the horizon the city of Elsgarde could be seen. A giant castle protected behind a massive wall, only the upper most spires could be seen from this distance.

Eva let his feet sway sheepishly, eyes looking out the window as they began to travel through the castle town, seeing the many houses and citizens he held so dear to his heart so closely, living their lives like nothing was plaguing them.

Eyes glanced up towards Elsgarde Keep proper as the carriage continued on their way. But then his oceanic blue eyes met the Flame Prince's, the air between the two continuing to be awkward.

"So... Your Majesty..." Eva said meekly.

"Yes?" he replied dryly; they'd already confessed to one another, what else could he want to speak of? He continued to hold Eva's gaze, his eyes smoldering lightly and literally. A faint light and smokiness escaped the corners of his eyes.

He gulped uneasily, already intimidated by the fact that the Flame Prince's eyes were literally smoking a sort of hateful heat at him. "...I-It's Evan. My true name is Evan. E-Evan Resplen Elsgarde."

His eyes glanced away from him again, still feeling that encompassing hate on him.

"Evan? How... similar to Eva. So does anyone else from the human kingdom know of--" He saw how Evan looked away, his body rigid and looking out the window once again, serving only to annoy him further. "Do you fear me, Prince?" He looked from Evan's feet up to his face, seeing his obvious unease.

He gulped from the burning question. "F-Forgive me, Prince Rowan..." He looked to him again, feeling that heated glare coming off at him. "Every moment you look at me as such, I feel as if I had offended you in some way." He glanced to the ever-approaching keep in the distance, before looking to the female prince again. "It is terrible, yes. I apolo--"

He tapped his fingers restlessly against the seat, "Stop!" he scolded, "It irritates me more to see you cower as prey. You're a Prince; act as one!"  As they were both Princes, they were quite equal in every way. But that aside, it pissed Rowan off. "Perhaps you should have been a woman after all."

He had to steady himself, steady his breathing. The words the Flame chided him with practically incinerated his words deep. But he was right.

"...Then do not give me a reason to feel like prey to you, Prince Rowan." He didn't clench his eyes shut this time. If he would be fried here, it would be as a proper member of the Imperial Family.

"Regardless, only the Imperial court and servants are aware of my... persona, so to speak, Your Majesty." He went back to answer his earlier question.

A small smirk appeared on Rowan's lips as Evan didn't flinch away this time. "Oh? Then perhaps you need a thicker hide. I've only been myself, but if that is too much for you to handle..."

Rowan chuckled darkly as she noted the color on Evan's face draining a slight, not liking the undertone of his voice. There was a far deeper secret Rowan would likely never speak to Evan:

In days past, when the humans first arrived at the lands that would one day become Elsgarde, the elementals viewed them as a new food source, and each had a macabre preference.

Air would devour the breath from their lungs.
Water would drain the blood from their veins.
Earth would remove and grind down their bones.
Fire would siphon the heat from their bodies.

Truly Evan would have had more to worry about, if it wasn't such a guarded secret that they had made sure would disappear over the centuries.

Once again, the trip took a dark and awkward air between them. As if he--no, he'd stop thinking that way of Rowan. She was the Flame Prince, his 'husband'... but still a woman. Regardless, it would be a miracle if she would even consider showing an ounce of kindness towards him, or garner a peek of her in a gown.

Rowan actually gave a bit of a laugh seeing Evan like this, his small fangs showing as he did so. "Apologies, but you look like you'd pass out from fright." He leaned forward, closing the gap between them, his eyes glowing brighter. "You have made me a fangless predator, Evan. But do not think I have lost my claws."

He gulped hard again. "To see any emotion besides your neutral... distaste... it will take much time to adjust to, Princess Rabekah."

Rowan would've let off a simple chastising had not the carriage finally come to a stop, as it arrived outside the massive gates of Elsgarde Keep. Many servants approached the escorted carriage, and began to take the effects off it. And with it, the doors opened for the both of them.

"Prince Evan Resplen Elsgarde, it is good to see that you are well." Amidst the servants, a stately mature-looking woman dressed in a flowing maid's dress approached, helping the dolled Prince out of the carriage. "My word... you look pale, Your Majesty, is something the matter?"

He shook his head and smiled faintly. "Nothing to worry about." Evan said softly, feet daintily touching the familiar turf.

"Presenting: Prince Rowan of Kasairona."

Another Herald barked, and as Rowan exited, showing his full height to them, easily taller then Evan by a full head, he felt all eyes on him. An uneasiness rippled through the crowd of servants. To have one of the most hated and feared of Elementals to be welcomed at their court. He looked around them, his face neutral as he stepped down and waited to be attended to.

The human Prince noted how the servants were initially antsy around her; justified, Evan mused as he cleared his throat, as they were servants, not soldiers.

"Please, everyone... The Flame Prince is our guest." Evan said simply, curtly. "Please bring the Prince's effects to the Royal's Wing at once."

"There is a spare room in the Royal's Wing, Your Majesty." The mature attendant bowed to him.

"Very good, Iliya. Then please escort the Flame Prince to her chambers." Evan glanced down at himself. "Admittedly, although I have become accustomed to dressing as a lady fair, I do desire to dress in my preferred raiment again, before we meet with Their Majesties."

"Of course. Emperor Einz and Empress Fiora are more than eager to see you once again, Your Majesty." Iliya then looked to the Flame Prince. "If you'll follow me, we will settle you into your chambers before your meeting with the Imperial Majesties."

Rowan could tell already that he wasn't liked by the maid; she seemed to have a very motherly air about her, poised at Evan, and would likely not bite her tongue if it came to a potential argument with him.

But the Flame just gave his standard smile and made a motion for the maid to show him the way.

Evan, when he glanced back at Rowan being escorted, he couldn't help but feel a lingering twinge of jealousy within his heart.

"How cruel of her; she never once smiled at me..."


"So, if you wouldn't mind a question from a mere servant, Your Majesty." Iliya spoke while she glanced back to the servants taking the Prince's belongings to the prepared chambers. "How has Prince Evan fared in your Kingdom?"

He gave a slight, hmph, not in a hostile way but merely a noise. "He would have been better off from the start to say that he was indeed male and not masquerading as a woman. Given that select people in my court are aware of my sex, they found it odd that I'd agree to such a thing as to marry a woman."

"Their Majesties did not have the knowledge of your true gender when the peace agreement came to pass." Iliya said, as they continued through the stately halls. "So they had err'd on the side of caution." The attendant shrugged her shoulders. "Then I would presume that if you both were indeed men, there would perhaps be talks of nobles to fill the role of siring heirs to the throne--"

"BUT," Rowan interrupted the attendant's thoughts, not wanting to hear where that train of thought would lead. "aside from the occasional annoyance for not asking when needing things, all was well." A slight shrug of the shoulders, eyes looking around at the smooth stone walls and thick tapestries that decorated the hall.

"Hm, not wanting to trouble anyone for his own well-being... that does sound like the Prince indeed." She nodded. She stopped her tracks in front of a chamber. "These shall be your chambers, Prince Rowan."

She opened the door to the spacious room. It was in shades of purple and silver. A four poster canopy bed with sheer black curtains greeted the Prince as well, along with a boudoir and a vanity.

Red eyes gazed around the room, hating the tones. "I'd like to speak with a decorator... the colors in here..." It was obvious as he stood there in his white , red and gold attire. This room was not any reflection of himself. "Your Prince needs to learn to speak up for himself. How ever shall he be a ruler if he cannot?"

"Hmm... on the matter of his subjects, he is absolutely vocal." Iliya stated, watching the servants set Rowan's things away carefully. Another gesture from the mature attendant would indicate that the colors were not to the Prince's tastes, and to begin re-arranging it to be more complementary. "Whenever soldiers, servants, or citizens are injured, he has always been so direct and strict with treating them, not even concerning his own person when mending them. He even takes trips to the Castle Town to ensure there are no unhealthy citizens."

"But I suppose, given his experience, speaking with delegates is his weakest point... especially if he's off-put by them." She said firmly, overseeing the servants who were working as a unit to change the tone of the chamber to a more Fire-appropriate environment. "I wonder why..." She mused with an almost sarcastic twinge.

Rowan gave a slight frown and narrowed his eyes to her. "So you're saying he'd let himself become injured, rather then care about himself? Interesting. But I will not have my spouse die of such selfishness." He pursed his lips.  But he stopped speaking, no need to say to much to her, she had no say in the matter, it's something he would do later this evening if he had the time.

"...Selflessness." Iliya shrugged her shoulders, as if correcting the flame. "He's been selfless to a fault, ever since he was little and taken to the healer's role."

Within the hour the room had been transformed, sparkling gold and red cloths hung above the bed and tapestries in similar colors hung on the walls, the sheer black curtains remained around the bed as well. The silver sconces on the wall had even been changed out for blackened ones. It finally looked like one that he may have had in his own palace.

She crossed her arms and smirked at the completed transformation. "Heh, I may not be in the army any more, but I think that was a well co-ordinated rearrangement. How does it fare, Your Majesty?"

Striding to the nearest tapestry and running his long delicate fingers over it, he gave a soft hum of appreciation. Surely they were very fine to the humans, but to him, it could be better if an elemental had woven it.  "It is good." he replied, "Almost feels like home. But, the air flow seems... stuffy."  He felt a tightness to his chest, like his Core lacked proper oxygen to keep burning as brightly.  For now he opened a window, allowing a cool breeze to pass over him, taking in a deep breath of air, smelling the lack of anything remotely sulfuric.

"Oh, yes, you ARE a Fire elemental, after all." Iliya noted the Flame Prince from behind. "There are not a lot of windows in the Royal's Wing, nor is there a definite breeze passing through, even on a more blustery day. The barracks, on the other hand, is well ventilated, but it's hardly a place for royalty or nobles." A dark smirk crossed her features. "Especially those who are not qualified for battle--"

He turned firmly on his heels to her, his mask of emotionless apathy on his face. "Leave." He snipped, excusing all the servants, including her. Most of his items had already been put away neatly in the wardrobe but a couple trunks sat with their lids open, clothes partially hanging out.  Rowan kept his eyes on her, daring her to say anything else.

Iliya chuckled simply, the last one to leave, before bowing in a proper curtsy. "As your wish, Your Majesty." When she left and closed the door behind her, she loosed a smirk to herself as she left the Royal's Wing. "I'm glad I'm not in my prime any more... I would've loved to snuff out that entitled little candle."


Rowan wanted to incinerate that woman. She was already infuriating with that attitude of hers, and the way she mentioned 'not being qualified for battle', it made him clench his fist firmly. How did a servant-woman like her know about HIS station in Kasairona?? About HIS entitlement and detriment all in--

But not long thereafter came a soft knock to his chamber doors. He shook his head and breathed out bitterly. "Proceed."

In came a younger maid, bowing lowly and being careful to not look him in the eye.

"Their Imperial Majesties wish to see you now, Sire." She kept her head down and backed out of his way.

A nod of his head, going to his vanity and selecting a black ribbon which he used to tie his hair, a high ponytail, the short strands of hair sticking like some kind of crown. Only after did he leave his chambers, being led towards the throne room by another faceless-to-him servant.

He peered in to see his wife, Evan. He seemed to be in well spirits, as the Crown Prince of the Elsgarde Empire was now out of a fancy dress. His healer-like raiment, suit-like in appearance, with matching blue and white and silver accents that depicted royalty, seemed to fit him more appropriately, Rowan mused. He even tied his effeminate hair into a simple lengthy ponytail, draping it right between his shoulders. And he appeared to be in conversation with the Emperor and Empress, looking regal and refined.

Evan's eyes turned to the entrance hall, seeing the Flame Prince standing there. "Mother... Father..." Evan nodded simply, looking to Rowan, beckoning him forward with a simple gesture. "Her--H-His Majesty, Prince Rowan of Kasairona."

Emperor Einz nodded firmly, standing from his throne with his strong presence and bearded visage. "We of Elsgarde welcome you to our abode, oh Flame Prince."

The portly and more elegant Empress, however, held a more curious glance towards the, according to her mind, 'crossdressed princess', informed of this note from her son. "Indeed. You grace us with your... unique presence."

He gave a small bend of the waist to the king his left hand covering his right side of his chest. Then his gaze rose to the queen, the mask of disinterest back on. "A pleasure." he said lowly, his voice as androgynous as his appearance.  After the introductions he went to stand with his 'wife'.


"They do not like me..." he said quietly so only Evan could hear.

"I-I know my mother, for certain... sh-she's old-fashioned. My father, though--" He could feel their eyes on him, and so he cleared his throat and spoke up. "I-I understand that, b-between all of us, there may be some tension yet." He sought to mediate between them. "But is this not the reason why we have come to this? So that we may yet foster some means to end the bloodshed between us?"

"Indeed, my son." The Emperor nodded in agreement, looking towards Rowan. "Evan had told us that despite a minor upset or so with the heat, he had enjoyed himself in the Kingdom of the Fire Realm. How courteous of the good King and his son."

The Flame Prince nodded once. "Yes, " he dropped much formality here, as he was older then even the Emperor, and several emperors and kings prior. In elemental society, age mattered more then title, but he retained a respectful air for him. "I had to lend a certain artifact to help keep Eva--an--Evan, from dehydrating or dying from heat stroke, but all was well. I'm afraid I was terribly busy, not able to spend much time with him."

Evan had stilled his tongue; he knew firsthand that that wasn't true, that she had completely forbade him to get anywhere near her. But he didn't wish to correct what was potentially a still viable threat.

"Oh, I see." The Empress kept her gaze on both her son's anxious silence, and her son's future spouse, not exactly liking the shifted gaze her son did. "Well, seeing as you're in our lands, you may take this time to... unwind, and relax your weary self. It MUST be taxing to work so diligently--"

Evan noted the attitude. "Mother--"

"Now, let's not jump to conclusions, Fiora." The Emperor cut a look to his wife to be still for that moment. "This is indeed a tenuous moment between our Empire and the Kingdom of Flames. Which is why this proposal is viable--"

"It is just a lady's intuition, dear husband." She looked to Rowan. "Would you not agree, young Prince?"

Rowan stood a little straighter, looking her in the eye, 'Despite what is or is not between my thighs, I was raised as a male. Also, though I am not human, I fear I may lack this 'intuition' you speak of." His face was completely serious as he said that. "Do not forget, Eva is already my spouse. Thus, Kasiarona momentarily has more claim to him than your people."

Fiora cast another lackadaisical but judgmental look on Rowan. "Then perhaps the good 'Prince' of Flames would be more apt to treat their spouse as they are meant to--"

"STOP." Evan spoke out loud, firmly, having stood in front of Rowan, looking to his mother with a disappointed look, his cheeks a faint heated red. "Just... Stop. The both of you."

The Emperor couldn't help but smirk at the sight of his wife so stunned by being told to rein herself in. Indeed, the air was thick with discomfort on both sides.

"I will not have this sort of tension ruin what we are trying to preserve! Not here. Not ever." He looked to Rowan. "N-Now, I believe I owed you a proper tour of the Keep, yes? Especially as we've, well, already took notice of the throne room."

"HMPH..." Rowan had cast a molten gaze at Evan's mother, while extending a much kinder smile to the Emperor. "As my wife desires." He took Evan's arm and allowed him to walk her out of the throne room.


Immediately after, the Flame Prince relinquished his grasp on Evan, keeping his hands to himself, looking to the Prince of Elsgarde. Cold embers pierced into the human youngling's face, silently measuring his worth. "Well worded, Prince. Had you not diffused that boorish mother of yours, I would've incinerated her for even MENTIONING the notion of forcing me in gowns and the--"

Evan cleared his throat, a faint blush on his cheeks. "Well, I did not wish for any tension to befall you during your visit here in Elsgarde. Though," He glanced over to the Flame Prince. "I-It would not be an unwelcome sight to behold."

"OH?" Fiery orbs pierced him once again. "So you would join your mother's side, you coddled fool? To see me paraded about like a trophy in frills and lace for your people to--"

"N-no! That's not the case at all, Your Majesty!" Evan looked up into the taller Prince's striking crimson eyes, his cheeks still aflushed. "Even if you kept yourself entirely in your native attire and dressed as the Prince you are, I wouldn't speak out against it, seeing as y-you are more comfortable like this. But..."

His gaze continued to invade him. "Do not hold your tongue, boy. Speak your peace."

He jumped a slight when Rowan bade him to continue. "I-It would mend our personal gap if you did wear a gown, or a dress, or anything remotely feminine." He rubbed his arm anxiously. "Not for the politics, or for the approval of my parents or the Empire, but... for me. Please."

Rowan's brows furrowed immediately, his personal heat beginning to radiate from his very being, looking down at the Crown Prince of Elsgarde. He clenched his fists, as if preparing to strike him for even demanding something like this from him.

And yet, the Flame Prince mused internally, there could be some perk to having a spouse now. And not just having access to the coffers of two royal families, or the authoritative power he had. A spouse that was comfortable around him would be very easy to manipulate, instead of one who feared him.

"Very well." Sighing for the moment, the Flame Prince looked to him with that neutral feature of his. "Tomorrow, you will escort me into your settlements to acquire some gowns. If I am to be paraded about as what you deem a Princess, then I demand only perfection."

Evan's eyes lit up excitedly. "O-Of course! We shall do so then, Princess Rabekah--"

"Evan, I will say this only ONCE. When I am not in my gowns, you will refer to me as Prince Rowan, as you always had back in Kasairona. Understand?" Evan could completely see it in the eyes; Rowan was on a completely different wavelength, almost seeming like she was truly a man, from her looks to her attitude. "Now, you wished to show me around? Then show me around, Prince Evan."


"Yes... As Her Majesty wishes."

His vocal disappointment was kept to himself, though he could still feel that dark glare continuing to penetrate him from behind, ready to cook him alive for even associating Rowan with the word 'her'.

Elsgarde Keep was vast and stately, and amidst the sights of the dining room, the parlors, and the ballroom, there were also the barracks, the training grounds, the armory and the infirmary. Everything that kept a stately palace together, both in lavish style and fortuitous defense.

"I-I always thought of Elsgarde as 'silk hiding steel'. We have our beauty, but we are just as vigilant in our peoples' rights to live. Seeing as we've been here for so long."

Rowan took all of these sights in stride, his arms crossing together as he walked behind the Prince. The sights of grandeur practically mirrored the castle of Kasairona, with the exception of the personal fiery touch that made it a proper home for the Flames. And the military quarters were impressive as well; he could see how the humans trained themselves, and how they were able to maintain their presence in these lands for as long as they have.

It almost bothered him. But, as always, this was merely business, as usual.

Inheritors of Paracelsus (Chapter 4)
Chapter 4: Lighting the Lantern

The journey to Elsgarde, the settling of the Flame in the human lands. Cold receptions, heated arguments, silent threats...


This is a story and RP co-created by myself and with my dear friend :iconsailor-alnilam: A tale of war, politics, and arranged love...

The preview image was also made by :iconsailor-alnilam:
[Chapter 9: Draw the Crowd]

[January 13th, 2016]
{Wholton Rosete Dormitories}

“What?! ARRESTED?!”

Sitting in her dorm room, Natalie had her phone by her ear, finishing typing up the last phrase for her current essay-writing assignment, before she had heard the specific ring-tone made especially whenever her little brother called. Classes today felt stressing and heavy, even if it was only the beginning of the winter semester, and since she got home, she got her wish of dressing in something loose and baggy, before appropriating her time towards her assignments.

But only a few moments after she answered the phone, she was greeted only with his shock and exasperation, dashing all hopes of positive relaxation.

“Yeah! I-It's so strange!! I mean, I had just gotten out of practice with the guys, when all of a sudden, we all see a police officer escort Mia out of the school!”

“No fucking way! For real?!” Inside, she was laughing joyously from her brother's farfetched words. But she had to rein in her enthusiasm, while clearing her throat. “Heh, lemme guess: I betcha she found some other guy to rape the crap out of--”

“Natalie, this isn't the time for that!” Geoff snapping at her seemed to cut deep to her.

“Oh of course it is!!” She groaned irritably. “I bet you that she FINALLY felt guilty for taking advantage of you at that party, so she came clean to the cops about it!”

“If that was the case, Nat, why would she come clean during the middle of a school day and make a scene about it?!”

“Hey! With a crazy little nut like her, I bet she wanted the attention!” She scoffed to the side of the phone, away from the speaker, ignoring her little brother's continued words. “Maybe she snapped after I kicked her ass--”

“You did what?!” She cursed herself for forgetting to completely move the receiver end out of her range.

“Fine, you got me--I beat the shit out of her last month for raping you--and don't you DARE say that I'm in the wrong here, Geoff! She fucking deserved it for doing that to you!!”

“It doesn't matter that you did that purely for my cause, Natalie!” Once again, his condescending tone seemed to hurt her. “You had no right to do that!! I mean--my God, Natalie! She could've had you arrested for assaulting her! Did you think you were smart like that--”

“Oh shut UP, Geoff! You think I care whether or not some fat little whore like her's gonna get me arrested on that sort of technicality?! I'd have been happy to take her down with me! She had NO RIGHT to do that to you! To my little brother!”

“Because I'd definitely want to see my sister throw her future away, purely for revenge! Nat, wh-what made you even consider that?!”

“Come ON, Geoff!!” She snapped again, her tone escalating once again. “If things were flipped around, you'd totally beat the shit out of some creeper who raped me, wouldn't you?!”

“Natalie...! Of course I would!” He had sounded so incredibly offended at the thought of the opposite.

“So why are you butt-mad about my beating the shit out of Mia then?! Do you still like her?!” Her lips twisted to a cruel sort of smirk. “Because after I beat her and sent her packing, I saw you with that other woman, Geoff. And you seemed to be enjoying yourself just fine. Like you just got over her easily. Am I wrong, Geoff? AM, I, WRONG, GEOFF?”

She could only hear an exhausted sigh of his own from his end. “Look, we'll talk about Lura at another time--”

“Oh goody, you know her enough that you know her name. How magical.” She answered sarcastically.

“Natalie, please--”

“You damn well better be ready to talk next time, alright? Goodbye.”


She hung up immediately on him, and set her phone down, before returning to her assignment, pressing the save button quickly to ensure she doesn't lose any of her work.

A timely and wise decision, as the moment her computer completely finalized her save, everything went to darkness around her.

“Are you KIDDING ME?!” Natalie finally vented out a louder cry of admonition; another power outage in the dormitory. It wasn't happening on a daily basis, but its persistence to continue interfering with her schoolwork and her personal life was beginning to grate on her nerves. “I am seriously getting sick of this shit.”

She got up and left her room, heading past her kitchen and living room, before opening the door to her dorm pad, seeing for herself, or rather, unable to see for herself, the fact that the power had been knocked out in the hallways, save for only one emergency light at the end of both hallways. All in all, with the exception of those lights at the ends of the hallway, there was only darkness.

As she was about ready to head back into her empty and darkened dorm room, she heard the sound of broken glass and a firm breaking noise in the dark. Natalie was more than ready to just slam her door shut and wait until the power came back on.

But the sound of a scream in the hallway more than made her reconsider that notion.

She stepped out into the halls with her door wide open, and began walking through the faintly illuminated darkness. Natalie approached one of the lit ends of the hallway, looking around for what was the source of the nearby scream and shatterings at her left and right.

“I know I heard someth--”

She felt a strong force pull hard at her neck, catching Natalie off guard for a brief moment.

Her cry was muffled in this assailant's arms, daring to bite down on this person's arm while thrashing her body against this fiend who was behind her. She even rooted her feet into the floor and attempted slamming the back of her head against the nose and chin of her attacker, hoping to bust her assailant enough to get away.

But the attacker's arms suddenly moved up around her neck and head, clenching her in place, and tightened against its body, feeling her muffled screams in its arms, feeling her struggle until another tightened squeeze knocked her out cold.

Her assailant let her drop to the floor, hitting the back of her head hard, before those same assaulting arms picked her up, and carried her out of the darkened dormitory.


{Masters Household}

“I'm home!”

Propping the door open with her back, Lacey called out inside the house. She had two grocery bags in her hands, carefully letting herself slide and push the door open, slipping inside the gap before setting the groceries casually on the floor. She stretched her arms up in the air, and got the kinks out of her neck as she glanced around, surprised at the lack of a reaction.

“Hello?” She called out again. “Andrew? Geoff?” She glanced at the time on the stairwell clock, sighing to herself. “If you boys want dinner, then you better help me out.”

She chuckled innocently to herself. She always wanted to belt out a one-liner like that, which tied into the notion that she knew that her husband and her son weren't home at the moment. Otherwise, they'd have already been home, helping their dear Lacey with the groceries. Not that she needed the help, but a little extra service would definitely not be denied.

“Andrew must be working late...” She mused as she stepped outside again to pick up the last of the grocery bags from the car. She locked the car doors and headed back into the house, repeating the same process to get the grocery bags inside. “And my little Geoffy must be out late with his friends--I swear, those basketball friends of his are gonna spoil my boy.”

She locked the house door behind her, and was ready to cart the bags already in her grasp towards the kitchen, already formulating what to make for her two men--

But the sound of the living room window being shattered inwards immediately caught Lacey off-guard. She turned and saw the horrific, blurred visage of a man in black. The dim light in the living room couldn't even shine a proper tone on this static-camouflaged fiend.

“Who are you?! Get away from--”

She had voiced before she was suddenly grabbed by her assailant, struggling and working her thinner but sturdier frame out of her attacker's grasp. But with every inch she got, her attacker worked another ounce of strength into her pressure, binding into her stomach and chest hard.

Before long, Lacey's attacker dug hard-sounding feet into the floor, and with an inaudible grunt, lifted her up and started to squeeze hard. Her eyes widened in recognition of what this was. She tried to wriggle out of this binding and strengthened bear hug, her hands pounding at her assailant's wrists, and even dug her heels into her assailant's waist, before she finally felt that gasp of air rush out of her lungs.

Her vision blurred to black, the last recollection being that she was being dragged out of her house through the broken window...


{Leviathan Bay: Downtown}

Geoff shivered coldly.

As he strolled through the winter-chilled park at night, bundled in a heavy and appropriate coat, his eyes looked up to the clear black sky, the sight of the moon in its waning phase. The streetlights lining the park illuminated the snowbound terrain and path, the park benches coated in snow, the entire setting quite a carefully painted canvas for urban Winter.

His mind was still lost in thought from what had happened yesterday.

The memory of Mia Elsman being taken away by an officer, and by her father--did what Natalie muse to herself actually happen? Did Mia actually become so overcome with guilt about what she did to him that she took it upon herself to get arrested?!

Another stray counter-argument crossed his mind, though: if she did, then why do it during school hours, surely causing a spectacle?

Or did she get caught up in something else that resulted with Mia getting herself arrested? Such as finding a negative outlet for being beaten up by his sister--

“Still can't believe she did that to Mia...” Geoff mused darkly about his older sister. It was a perfect familial gesture to beat the living daylights out of the girl who violated him while he was inebriated and unable to fend for himself. But it still didn't sit right with the tall blond, kicking at some of the snow on the trail.

“I mean, I know she was terrible and creepy in the end, but... she didn't deserve that...”

The drifting snow seemed to flutter by from the passing breeze. The rustling branches from the naked and leafless trees seemed to almost jitter from the cold that the lone human in the park seemed to be feeling at this moment. Geoff continued to ponder curiously about Mia, all the while his hands slipped into his pockets.

The sounds of crushing snow hurryingly underfoot behind him finally caught his attention.

But when he turned around, he had seen only the sight of a blurred, faceless individual cloaked in living static, charging him like a mindless animal, and pinning him to the cold concrete trail.

"AH!! What the hell--AGH--"

He could feel the fiend's hands grasp around his neck, trying to choke every gasp of air from his being. And as Geoff struggled and writhed underneath the smaller but stronger assailant, he was starting to feel lightheaded, a horrifying situation he did not wish to experience again.

"Get... off... OF... ME!!"

In a raspy cry, his hands that were clenched around his attacker's arms gripped hard in a strong crush, making his attacker cry out in an almost digitized groan, before throwing him off.

Geoff gasped uneasily, collecting a much needed breath of air, before seeing his assailant get up and rush towards him. He shook his head, and rolled away before forcing himself back onto his feet. He saw the look, per se, in his attacker's mosaic visage. He wouldn't stop. He would not stop.

He had to get away, to widen the gap between them, lest he get pinned and assaulted again. He had to get out of the park, to get to downtown proper, to--


Unfortunately, in his panicked haste, Geoff had slipped on some snow-hidden ice, his entire body hitting the powdery ground hard. His head made impact with the snowy grass instead of the concrete, but the sudden drop knocked him hard, futilely fighting to remain conscious, before completely submitting to unconsciousness.


{Masters Household}


Two pairs of feet stormed into the opened residence. Andrew Masters looked around in sheer horror at the sight of the front door that was thrown wide open, and the front window that was shattered and had scattered the broken glass all over the floor. And from assessing this situation, he hadn't see Rodrigo Manchez move past him into the kitchen entryway.

"Nothing looks out of place in here--"

"Nothing looks out of place?!" Andrew snapped, standing up straight now, his sturdy construction boots stomping past and shattering the broken shards of glass under his feet. "My house just got broken into!! Do a search, make sure they didn't take anything!"

In a quick motion, the two men had rushed throughout the residence, making hurried checks to ensure that nothing of value was taken. For Andrew, though, he had called out for his wife and his son, his worries intensifying when he didn't see or hear them. And in that intense search, Andrew's hands immediately called up Leonov Merton's number, fearing the absolute worst scenario that could've happened to his family.

"Damn it..." Andrew had ceased his search back in the foyer, his eyes looking out to the empty street, blacked-out houses, and violated doorway. "DAMN IT!"

He bitterly punched the frame of the doorway hard, feeling the stinging sensation of pain coursing throughout his arm. There was absolutely no way this could be happening to him. Not like this, not right now.

"Hey, Andy..."

He turned to the sound of Rodrigo's voice, eyes looking to the sight he hadn't seen in a very long time. A sight he had thought he wouldn't see ever again.

A sight from his former days of show-stopping glory in the ring.

A black briefcase, emblazoned with the logo of his former wrestling league's logo.

"I think... I think [b]he's[/b] finally cashing in??"


Apollo Alexandre
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New puppy in the limelight, taking hours away from sleepy times so she could get us up to take her outside.

Lazy days where I don't really feel any urge to work/type  while watching over said puppy to ensure that she doesn't pee/poop in the house.

The Metal Star Prophecies, High School Slayers, (Fire Red Nuzlocke done, wondering if I'm gonna try it again if I get Pokemon X/Y), and now a new sort of idea for a story, or even more so, a script in the mental woodworks. Something superhero-y, a battle between laws and freedom, oppression and anarchy, order and chaos, seen in a different light...

Oh, and Otakon. I'm definitely going to that this year, for EFFING sure. *nods*

Perhaps staying out there for a little bit will jog up my mental drives, get me to finally break out of my MSP block for Chokehold.

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